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I’m just gonna go ahead and start responding to any and all pleas for advice with that line. I’m gonna make that a thing.


I’m just gonna go ahead and start responding to any and all pleas for advice with that line. I’m gonna make that a thing.

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Birds Rights Activist is the best twitter and sometime perfect satire

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Hey! I’m trying to start a new blog, and was hoping you could let your followers know!

Hello Femmes! This purpose of this blog is to share those little things that keep your Femme lives sparkling. Anything from excited reviews of new products, to cleaning tricks we may have never thought of, to ways to keep our lipstick flawless as we grumpily glare at the nearest misogynistic asshole.Please submit, signal boost, and revel in our infinite resourcefulness and creativity as femmes!


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Many of my friends and I battle with the issue many busty girls do; where to get pretty bras? Plus could they be purchased without needing to spend all your money?

Australian eBay store PlusSizeBras is a place every busty girl should visit! It’s good, it’s extremely cheap and the customer service works. 

They simply don’t have just big bras, but they have variety of them; stripes, dots, different flower patterns, different mixed colour, laces ect. Not just the boring bras which make you look like you’d have a baby for breast feeding at home (no offence for mums! Or babies!)

Want some pictures? Here you go:


Hmm, look at these basic yet pretty darling bras with 12,44$ (AUS)


Or is animal pattern more you? Gosh, you really need at least one pair of white bras. Both darlings are 8.87$ (AUS), together less than 18$!


Something a bit naughty yet extremely cute, only 14$ (AUS)!


There’s prettiness and some damn good support with 13$ (AUS).


Black, transparent lace, grrr. Your drawer just got hotter with 8$ (USD)

What’s the best catch? They’re extremely cheap with very, very, very low international shipping fee! The prices start from 8$ (AUS). Instead of spending 50$ for one pair, you can get 5 pairs of bras from PlusSizeBras! Extremely handy for people with low incomes like students or for those who have fed up with bra prices overall.

Wait? Cheap bras can’t be good? Nor fitting?

Of course, there’s always a change that the bra doesn’t fit you, or it’s somehow bad. However, I have had only positive experiences with this shop. The bras I have gotten - except one - were very supportive, felt comfortable on and for the first time ever I knew how it feels when you’re not constantly aware of your boobs or bra!

(Besides, when the price is low, you can try the bras without fear - if it doesn’t fit, you won’t loose much money. You can give the bras forward to someone else. Maybe it fits your friend(s). Or perhaps you want to donate them to charity.)

I’m size 38DD/85E lady and this store has simply saved my life.

The bustier you are, the more important good, supportive bras are for your health and comfort. 

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(~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

This is a critical part of sex positivity that tends to be overlooked. Let’s celebrate empowering amazing sex and the choice to not have sex, or only have certain kinds of sex. 

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I recently held some of my very first prints in my hand. Prints that didn’t go straight to frames. Big prints. Prints that were actually intended for a gallery. Speaking with her about shooting film only confirms what’s been on my mind. It’s about time to get my film camera. More details as this story develops. No pun intended.

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In general, I think People on the Internet (and I think this includes the article I linked) are somewhat too quick to assume that some cultural statement is either Feminist And Empowering or Not Feminist and Pandering to the Male Gaze. Cultural statements can easily be a mix of empowering and patriarchal; it’s not a coincidence that the forms of empowerment often seem suspiciously in line with patriarchal demands, but it’s also not the case that every action that is the least bit patriarchal in source is straightforwardly enforcing the kyriarchy.

I don’t know if “Anaconda” is 100% successful in subverting the male gaze, because at the end of the day the title of the song comes from a man singing about his sexual preferences. But I think her music video is at least asking questions about how women can embrace their sexuality for themselves—anxious!Drake and that sliced banana aren’t in the video for nothing.

Things can be problematically feminist without being Not Feminist, and it is particularly important to think about whether one is declaring something Not Feminist because of respectability politics. Things are complicated, and they are especially complicated for black women.

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NYPD cops beat man during solidarity protest for Michael Brown in East Village; video
August 21, 2014

NYPD cops beat a man Wednesday night during a solidarity protest for Michael Brown, a video shows, although the circumstances surrounding the attack remained unclear early Thursday.

The 45-second video begins after police officers and the man have started arguing in the middle of a dark street in the East Village. It was not apparent what prompted officers to react so forcefully.

When asked for a comment on the video, police said the man was taken into custody on E. 10th St. near Ave. D, issued a C-summons for disorderly conduct and then released. They described his actions before the violent encounter as “tumultuous behavior.”

Demonstrators marched through the Lower East Side and in Union Square over the death of Brown, the unarmed black teen gunned down by a white cop in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9. Brown’s killing followed the July 17 death of Eric Garner, 43, who was put in a chokehold by cops in Staten Island.

The Wednesday night video, taken from a BlackBerry and posted on Facebook, shows officers punching and tackling a man to the ground while protesters stand around shouting at the cops.

"Don’t shoot him! Don’t shoot him!" one woman yells as the melee begins.

"Yo, you knocked him out," another man shouts as a swarm of officers arrive at the scene.

A crowd of protesters surrounded the officers chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot,” which has become the motto for Brown protests around the country.

The clip ends with a group yelling, “Cops, pigs, murders,” at the responding officers.


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Spider Stories: An African Animation

Here’s a project that I’m definitely going to be keeping a keen eye on! Spider Stories is an African inspired action cartoon set in a fantasy world that follows the tale of Princess Zahara who is tossed into hiding after her royal family is overthrown by another kingdom. Armed with a mystical staff, the fearless princess embarks on quest to reconnect with the spirits, reunite her homeland, and reclaim the throne.

“We have to recognize that culture used to flow through storytelling, and now it flows through media. So within the continent, we want to have images that African children can grow up with that look like them and have names like them and neighborhoods that look like theirs that they can identify with. Thirty to 40 years down the line, when they’re doctors and lawyers and presidents, the positive associations they have with the characters will be real parts of their identities.” – John Agbaje

Read more about the creators and the characters

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

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"When I started making those weird voices, a lot of people told me how whack it was,” she says, “‘What the fuck are you doing?’ they’d say. ‘Why do you sound like that? That doesn’t sound sexy to me.’ And then I started saying, Oh, that’s not sexy to you? Good. I’m going to do it more. Maybe I don’t want to be sexy for you today."

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